diced jalapeno

Many people ask me “what is the hottest part of the chile?” If you say it is the seeds, you are wrong. The seeds have little to no flavor at all. In all chiles, except for the family chinense, the heat is found in the placenta. Capsicum, is concentrated in a vein that will be visible in a yellow to dark brown coloration in the placenta. The darker the vein, usually the higher the concentration of capsicum. The placenta is where the seeds are attached inside the chile. This is where the confusion occurs. If you deseed a chile, many times, you will remove the placenta also. There is the rub. If you happen to miss some of it, you will still have pungency. The chinense family of chiles (the one that has habanero and ghost peppers in it are a bit different. The capsicum is spread through-out the chile.

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