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Welcome to the Chipotle Texas Blog, our chile pepper blog is moderated by Gale Carr. Gale is an industry expert and spicy food lover. He has more than 20 years experience in growing and producing chile and has developed a proprietary smoking process and state of the art facility to produce chile and chipotle blends and seasonings. He and wife Maria love to cook with chile and chipotle and they love to interact with chile enthusiasts.

The goal of the Chipotle Texas Blog is keep chile lovers updated on chile related stuff. We are including How To articles, Healthful Benefits, Industry News, Growing Tips, Recipe Ideas, Featured Products, Photos, Fun Facts and Random Chile and Chipotle Trivia…but never any gossip! 🙂

Gale is also an avid outdoorsman and experiments with a variety of blends and seasonings to bring out the natural flavors of his fresh catch or harvest. He adds new combinations to the Chipotle Texas and Untamed Sportsman product lines on a regular basis.

If you have something you would like to learn about chile or chipotle, or have a favorite recipe or story about your chile pepper experiences that you would like to share with us please email us or message us on our Facebook page and we will include it here. If you would like to provide a guest review or helpful tips or “How To’s” that you have discovered in your adventures with chile and chipotle or if you’ve come up with a unique recipe using our products email us the scoop along with photos and we’ll consider sharing it with our followers right here on the Chipotle Texas Blog.

We love all things chile and look forward to sharing with you some fun, helpful and interesting information about Chipotle Texas, and how we grow and produce our flavorful, smoked peppers and seasonings.



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