tropical salad ingredients
Chopped Ingredients
Chopped Ingredients

With the heat of the summer, I thought I would give everyone a nice cool recipe.  This salad is not only incredibly tasty but it is easy.  I like salad but I need a little protein with most meals.  Shrimp is good served cold and really changes a boring dish if done right.  Fiesta Green Serrano Blend is great on any type of fish or recipe that you want to give a nice flavor to but not cover it up.


  1. Spinach 3 cups
  2. Red Onion 1/2 ea
  3. Pineapple 1 cup
  4. Mango 2 ea
  5. Jalapeno 2 ea
  6. Cilantro
  7. Avocado 2 ea
  8. Tomato 2 ea
  9. Precooked Shrimp 1 lb.
  10. Lime 1 ea
  11. Cucumber 1 ea
  12. Salt
  13. Pepper
  14. White Wine Vinegar 3 TBS
Squeezing Lime
Squeezing Lime



Chill the precooked shrimp to ensure it is crisp.

Take red onion, cucumber, jalapeno, pineapple, mango, cilantro, and tomato and chop them to a nice size.  Mix these chopped ingredients into the washed spinach.   Slice the mango and avocado to your desired size.  Many folks like to get larger bites of these items.  Add the chilled shrimp.  Add the mango, avocado and fluff the salad while adding salt, pepper, and vinegar.

Squeeze lime juice over the salad.  This is made easier by placing the lime in the microwave for not more than 20 seconds.  We use a juicer as shown in the picture.  The tangy lime juice really sets off the diversity of flavors in this mix.

Now all you have left to add is the Fiesta Green Serrano Blend an the Fiesta Garlic Blend and gently fluff your salad again.  Go lightly at first.  You can always add more later.




Two great tastes for an out of this world summer salad.
Two great tastes for an out of this world summer salad.

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