Chile or Chili? Does it matter?

When it comes to Chipotle Texas and our products,  the answer is yes.  So let’s start with what chile and chipotle are. Chile is not the same as chili. Chili is a soup like dish made with chile peppers.

We use the term chile because of our proximity to the US / Mexico border and we take this term from the way it is referred to here.  If you go further south to Columbia and below it is known as aji. Chile down there is a country.

The most common chile sold in our markets are Long Green Mild (your Numex and Anaheim types), Jalapeno, De Arbol, Bell Pepper, Poblano (Ancho when mature and dried), and Guajillo. Chipotle Morita is a smoked and dehydrated red jalapeno. In the states many people refer to them as chipotle. There are a number of types of chile that can be made into types of chipotle (chipotle verde is a smoked green jalapeno).

We will break it down further as we detail various types of chile here in our blog.

Anaheim Peppers on the plant.
Powdered chile.
Powdered chile from Chipotle Texas