Ancho Chile Pod
Ancho Chile Pod

Ever wonder what that unique southwestern flavor was in ranch style beans? Many people have come up to me and asked why they just could not make a dish taste southwestern. Most of the time, it is because many people think that the NuMex type chile is all we use in the southwest. This is simply not true. Little known in the US is a chile with tons of flavor and lots of personality. This is the Ancho. In its mature form we call it an Ancho. In its immature form, we call it a Poblano. Now everyone in the room sits up and says “hey I have heard of that one!” This pepper has a nice heat with overtones of tobacco and oak. It is a must for a good pot of southwestern beans…..NO SUGAR PLEASE. Next time you are looking for full flavor while grilling give this pepper a chance. It will not disappoint you.

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