Today I would like to talk a little about the Guajillo Chile.  Many who look at it in the store would not tell it apart from a common Anaheim Chile.  It is really quite different.  The Guajillo is probably the most commonly used pepper  Mexican cooking in the northern states of Mexico.  It is used as the Anaheim or Nu-Mex chile is used in the southwest United States but it has much more flavor.  Not usually eaten in its immature form, the Guajillo has a fruity ‘back ground’ flavor along with the pungent chile flavor we expect from chile.  It is a Capsicum Annum and does not usually exceed 30,000 SHU.  This means it is not too terribly hot.  Mostly used for sauces and pastes, it is a favorite for enchiladas.  It is an important part of Mole.  You can tell it apart from common Anaheim Chile by  looking at the flesh.  It is slightly streaked and a bit greasy in the dried form.  the stem is also markedly smaller.

Dried Guajillo Chile Pepper
Dried Guajillo Chile Pepper

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